Tuesday Morning Quarterback

This week's New Field Order:

QB - Tony Romo - 17 points: 3 pass TDs, 176 yards, 1 Int, 1 fumble. Not a terrible week, but lower passing yards that I'm used to.
WRs - Greg Jennings and Donald Driver - 14 and 12 points: 1 TD each, 87 and 68 yards respectively. Also not terrible, and I'm glad Rodgers was well enough to start.
RB1 - Marion Barber - 8 points: 84 yards rushing. I should have started his backup, Felix Jones.
WR/TE - Tony Scheffler - 6 points: 65 rec yards. I'd rather have a real WR in this slot, but for the moment at least he's not a 0.
WR/RB - Steve Slaton - 21 POINTS!!!: 93 yards, 2 TDs. One of my best waiver pickups so far this season. I believe he'll remain the Texans' RB even when their original starter is all healed up.
K - Matt Prater - 13 points: 3 FGs, 1 PAT. I dumped Gostkowski to pick this guy up off waivers early on this season, and never looked back.
D - Tennessee - 18 points: 10 points allowed, 2 INTs, 110 ret yards. Philadelphia was worth more due to a return TD, but they're currently the best D in the NFL. The main drawback is that real-life quality doesn't always translate directly to fantasy quality.

On The Bench:
QB John Kitna - Thank the good lord Romo wasn't on a bye week. Matt Millen got canned this week, unfortunately the magic lucky gearshift knob he puts in Kitna's ass before games, to make him throw effectively, left with him.
RB Correll Buckhalter - Westbrook got hurt again, but not early enough for Buckhalter to get any action. He's not as good as the first-stringer, but one of these weeks he'll have to fill in for some of my Cowboys.
RB Jamal Lewis - Every year I draft this guy, I always end up sorry I did. And then when he's finally bad enough that I can drop or trade him, he busts out for 200 yards and three TDs. I really need to find someone to take him, hopefully for a 2nd WR.
RB Felix Jones - I should have started him this week instead of Barber. I almost did, and would have won my game if I had gone with my gut.
WR Marques Colston - He hurt his thumb early, but I'm sitting on him until week 7 or 8, and when he comes back I think my investment will pay off handsomely.
DEF Philadelphia - They only outperformed Tennessee because of a return TD. They're good, but being in the toughest division in football makes them risky.

Players of the Week:
Reggie Bush - dammit. This guy's 2 late return TDs cost me my game.
DeAngelo Williams - he's on my opponent's team for next week. The guy got 123 yards on the ground, 2 TDs, and a TD through the air. The good news is that in weeks 1 through 4 he was averaging only 50 yards per game and no scores.
Minnesota Defense - They looked amazing tonight.
Clinton Portis - The redskins are back this year, and this guy's a big part of that.
Steve Slaton - See above.

Hunter the waaah!

Okay, maybe that's a little harsh, but I don't see why people who want to play some Hunter don't take a bit from the books and tweak it a little?

CRD>US>NC>CO-015-D>Paranormal Universe!

Apparently, we were a Network 0 affiliate and didn't even know it?
Adrastos FF

Stolen from Mew, applied to Adrastos

Your result for The Supervillain Archetype Test...

The Professional

Cool, Levelheaded, Lethal

The Professional is the most dangerous of all villains. You do what you do better than anyone, because, as a Professional, you have standards.

The Professional is like the Crook in that they both desire money. But the Professional wants more than that. The Professional wants job satisfaction. It isn't sadism really, he just wants to be sure that the job is done, and done well. No hard feelings, it's just business. Professionals prefer to work alone, but will work in groups if given incentive.

The greatest weakness of a Professional is risk. A Professional is business-like, but can't resist a challenge. They often use the word "worthy opponent". People like that are easily baited. And if a Professional is eventually cornered (not easy to do), they might lose it.

Sample Professionals: Deathstroke, Bullseye, Revanche

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Hm...not too bad
iProf Prime

For Mr. Mill

Your result for The Steampunk Archetype Test...

The Swashbuckling Engineer

100 Swashbuckling Engineer, 23 Crazy Clockwork Tinkerer, 13 Charming Noble, 8 Roguish Pirate, 38 Mechanical Fian and 17 Aetherist Bodger!

You see machines in a different way than everyone else. To you the cause and effect of gearwork is intuitive. You use this knowledge to great skill and are often improving or steamlining your equipment in mid-action, because you enjoy the action just as much as you enjoy the machines. A machine is worthless unless it is put to good use. And if you don’t have a machine available to do the job you want it to do, with the right tools you will build one. And if you don’t have the right tools, you will make those too. Many an innocent has been saved by your daring deeds.

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For Adrastos...

Which Action Hero Would You Be? v. 2.0
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You scored as James Bond, Agent 007

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James Bond, Agent 007


Lara Croft


Neo, the "One"


Batman, the Dark Knight


Captain Jack Sparrow


Indiana Jones


The Amazing Spider-Man


The Terminator




El Zorro


William Wallace


Yeah, lots of Bond with a bit of Croft, that sounds right.
iProf Prime

An interesting experiment...

You have thirty minutes.
Go to and search for your birthdate - use quotes so the date is the entire search term.
Pick a link and follow it.
Read it until you see a link on that page that looks interesting. Take that link.
repeat until you've wasted a half hour :)
No back-tracking!
Cut and paste every link followed around wikipedia for the next thirty minutes.


aaaaand, that's time.
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If *I* was a WWE writer...

Sean Michaels ends Ric Flair's career at Wrestlemania.  His in-ring career. 

The next week, book a match between Michaels and Mr. Kennedy on RAW.  Michaels begins getting the better of Kennedy, and we have a run-in by Flair - he doesn't enter the ring, but begins shouting advice at Kennedy.  Kennedy is defeated, and after the match a bitter drunken Flair climbs in and proceeds to beat the ever-living shit out of Kennedy with every dirty trick in the book.

Week 2 after, we see Kennedy and Flair come out to the ring together - Flair is Kennedy's valet/mentor, and he's our new Dirtiest Player in the Game.