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Further Fo'sakin Props!

The backing I chose for my notebook...sucked. So I went and spent some money on some real leather that I can sew to, and here's the result!

View of the binding - all the quires sewn in, but they should have been considerably tighter. Next time, and this one's not supposed to be too perfect. Hell, I was going to make it out of duct tape before I got the leather.

It's a gazetteer, so I'll be putting drawings of various buildings from each section of town into it, started with Old Colorado City, and here's the old Town Hall and the Library.

Lurvely hand-sewn quires. It's far easier than I had feared when I started the project, but more time-consuming than drilling holes and bolting everything together (mastigos book)

Somehow the pocket in my Fo'Sakin' Gadget Holster is the perfect size for it. I was worried I'd get it made and the thing wouldn't fit :D (photo with flash)

(and this one's without flash)
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